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Golf is one of the most popular games played for both and leisure all around the world. Modern golf evolved in The Netherlands before the 15th century, and has gained international fame since the late in the 19th century after spreading to the UK, the British Empire, and eventually to the United States. Today, it is played in many different countries, with die-hard players and professionals traveling the world to experience the different types of courses offered around the world.

Hawaii just so happens to offer several world-famous golf courses on its islands, and each year, golfers flock to experience them. From gorgeous weather and beautiful ocean views, to playing against lava rock and in jungle terrain, Hawaiian courses promise a unique experience. Golf enthusiasts and players who join organizations such as the Hawaii State Golf Association also have an opportunity to make new friends and build a strong sense of community around their beloved game.

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About the Association

Hawaii State Golf Association is an acclaimed non-profit organization that specializes in upholding the traditions and integrity of golf on the islands. The association represents the United Golf Association on all game-related matters and exclusively offers GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) service for all golfers in Hawaii. The main agenda of Hawaii State Golf Association is to offer a reliable and correct handicapping system that addresses the unique needs of every golfer in Hawaii.

Offering the GHIN service means the Hawaii State Golf Association is able to help everyone enjoy the game by allowing players with different abilities to play on an equal field. It allows a course handicap for each player based on their ability, and then can adjust that player’s Handicap Index (HI) as their games changes. This Index is continuous from one season or year to the next, so the player can enjoy continuity in their games. This helpful service, however, is only available to members of licensed golf clubs/associations.
Roles of the Hawaii State Golf Association

When you become a member of Hawaii State Golf Association, you are supporting the association’s constant efforts to improve the quality of the golf experience in the state of Hawaii (across all of the islands.) Since its inception in 1984, the Association has dedicated all of its efforts to protecting and preserving golf in Hawaii by providing Handicapped Indexes, hosting tournaments, providing USGA Course & Slope Rating Services for the many courses in Hawaii, offering Golf Rules & Handicapping Seminars, and much more. The association is completely dedicated to golf, and allowing all players to have a wonderful experience playing it.

The Association supports other golf organizations, as well as non-professional and professional tournaments ranging from young junior ages to high school levels, as well as tertiary level. Three full-time associates and a team made up of 15 volunteer directors manages the Association.

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How to Join

Perhaps the best part of the Hawaii State Golf Association is that they make it very easy for anyone to join. You can become a member by joining one of three diverse types of club. These clubs can be joined at a golf course, through an affiliate club/group, or online (eClub.) Whichever you decide, you will receive whatever benefits that particular club has, as well as all benefits of the Hawaii State Golf Association.

Keep in mind that fees will vary for each club, so choose the best club for your needs. For example, some clubs cater to more professional and semi-pro players, while others are more for casual and social players. Where you live and how you play golf will help guide you to the best club. If you’d like a place to start, the Association links to affiliate clubs that are open for registration on their website.

Affiliate clubs are also available in social groups and workplaces. These clubs are not necessarily tied to a specific golf course agency. The eClub is an ideal option for people who cannot identify an ideal affiliate club or golf course. The eClub annual membership costs $30 and late membership at $15 while the juniors and youths aged below 18 pay $15 per year. An excellent bargain for the casual players!

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Benefits of Being a Member

There are many benefits to being an Association member. Beyond the aforementioned handicapping benefits, the Hawaii State Golf Association sends various communications like GHIN club announcements, service announcements, administrative messages, and newsletters to keep members up-to-date on golf happenings in and out of Hawaii. Through the association, members can also interact with professional golf players – allowing them the potential to improve their game and learn from the pros.

Members can also participate in both amateur and professional tournaments organized by the association. All members can master the golf rules by attending the workshops that are organized by the association on an annual basis. There is also an ongoing list of events and news updates on the association’s website, and they are always looking for new members and volunteers to help maintain the great sport of golf on Hawaii. The Association also offers ranking and recognizes players of the year in various categories, allowing for some fun and friendly competition.

Beyond these benefits, members also have the opportunity to be a volunteer within the Association. Volunteers help organize and host various events, update rating and handicap systems, and spread their love for the game by making it more accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages. Many members find this a rewarding way to give back to the game they love.

However you choose to join, the Hawaii State Golf Association is a fantastic idea for both residents and visitors to the islands. You can find all of the information you need to get started on their website, or contact them directly and speak to a helpful volunteer or organizer.

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