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Best Month to Travel to Hawaii

With its spectacular views, sparkling ocean waves and local food, Hawaii is considered by many the perfect vacation spot. Whether you are traveling solo or with family or a group of friends, make sure to make the most of your Hawaiian trip by going there at the right time. After all, timing is everything. If you have plans to travel to Hawaii, here is a suggested schedule for the various common vacation reasons:

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Family Vacation
A family vacation is one of the most common reasons to travel to Hawaii. The islands offer a little something for everyone – whether it’s lazing on the beach, going for adventurous hikes, or even shopping. But what is the best time to plan such a family trip?

Hands down the most convenient time for a family to travel to Hawaii is in the summer. This is because school is out and airlines tend to offer plenty of discounts, and there are more package deals available to save you even more money. The weather is also at its most agreeable.

Note, however, that summer is also the busiest season because it happens to be the time of the year when hordes of tourists make their way to the islands. To avoid a larger crowd, try booking your flights during the early part of summer. Early to mid-June is the best option for this. The early part of July before and during the 4th will be really crowded, so it’s perfect for families who like to socialize. If you prefer to avoid large gatherings, try to work your schedule around going earlier in the year. Also, schedule visits to popular (tourist) spots during weekdays. The weekends tend to attract more people.

If at all possible, you could also schedule a trip with the kids during the school year. Some parents are able to negotiate this, and homeschoolers have an even easier time. This will bring down the cost of the trip significantly (if you travel during the “off” season) and ensure that the crowds are a bit smaller. Just be sure to research the activities you would like to do because not everything is open during the off-season.

Rest and Relaxation
You may also be looking to travel to Hawaii for a nice, peaceful, and relaxing vacation. A chance to get away from it all and spend some time in paradise. For this, you will most likely want to visit when there are less tourists than usual.

Spring is the most laid-back vacation season for those who like to travel to Hawaii to enjoy some peace and quiet. The crowds are thinner because many of the visitors who fly to the islands for the warm weather have had their fill of the sunshine and warm breeze, and families with children still have school to worry about. You also have more options in terms of accommodation and island tours.

Bali Hai

The best waves happen on the North Shore on the island of Oahu and the best time to come visit is from November until January, when the iconic waves make their appearance. These months make up the winter surf season, when the biggest swells happen. Expect heavy traffic along the shores during these months due to the presence of pro surfers, fans and surfing enthusiasts.

If you want to avoid the pros but still want to surf, try the spring surf season from March until May. Most professional surfers have left the island but you will still have a great time. Waves are smaller but at least you get to avoid the crowd.

If you do not mind mingling, or are only a beginner, try the summer surf season from May until September. The waves may range from small to okay to disappointing but you might enjoy some good time in the East and South sides.

Of course, there is the fall surf season – the perfect time for you if you prefer to avoid the pros and still get a decent amount of surfing. The swells are beginning to get impressive during this season and the beaches will not be as crowded.

Travel on a Budget
Finally, you may be dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation, but still want to keep a budget. Luckily, that is also possible!

The best months to visit Hawaii for lower fares and accommodation rates are in the Spring from April to May, and the Fall from September to October – as long as you avoid the holidays. Try to check out the dates of the common holidays so you can plan your trip properly. Demand for hotel accommodation and plane tickets during these months are lower, so you are bound to find excellent prices and save on your trip.

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Most Popular Months
By far, the most popular months for visiting Hawaii are mid-June to late July, and late December to early January. During June and July, families flock to Hawaii for a vacation away from school, work, and more.

Couples come to marry, celebrate honeymoons, or just have a romantic time together. In December and January, most of the tourists are coming to avoid the cold (the crowd tends to be older than in the Summer), and to experience the novelty of a Hawaiian Christmas and New Year.

As you can see, there is no single month that is best for travelling to Hawaii. In fact, there is really no “bad” time to travel to the islands! With most areas never falling below 72 degrees, and most days filled with sunshine, it’s the perfect getaway destination all year round.

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