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A Travelers Guide To Travel Between Islands

As you well know, Hawaii is one of the most excellent vacation destinations that people travel to on a regular basis. However, while many vacation destinations consist of one body mass of land, Hawaii consists of approximately 8 different islands that you can travel between. When you are considering traveling between Hawaiian Islands, you need to make sure that you do your due diligence in planning your travel accordingly.

By properly planning your travel amongst different Hawaiian islands, you will better be able to help yourself out and make sure that the trip goes through without a hitch. This will also allow you to plan your logistics properly and save some money in the meantime. Any serious traveler needs to always handle these sorts of considerations well ahead of time so that their Hawaii travel between islands works out for them to the best of their ability. Regardless of what you’re looking for, reviews these tips below.

#1: Know The Locations And Research Them

First and foremost, you need to be sure that you understand the various locations that you can travel between when you decide to island hop Hawaii. Hawaii consists of eight major islands. However, there are only six islands that tourists are able to visit. You can narrow these selections down further into four, because there are four main Hawaii islands that travelers typically visit. These four islands are Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Hawaii mainland. These islands have many different features that will likely attract you depending on what it is that you are looking for.

For instance, if you are an adventure traveler looking for plenty of nature and excellence exhilarating thrills and hikes, you can look into traveling to Kauai or the Hawaii mainland. If you are looking into a honeymoon vacation, Maui or Hawaii might be the best decision for you. If you are interested in history, you might want to travel to the main island or the island of Oahu. These islands feature different things that different people will gravitate toward, so make sure that you do your research well ahead of time in order to understand exactly what you will get out of your Hawaii vacation.

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#2: Research The Flight Times

Whenever you need to plan out your logistics, it will require you to also research the amount of flight time that goes into island hopping. This is one of the most important logistical matters that you will need to keep in mind. If you are on the West Coast, you are in luck. The West Coast is much closer to Hawaii and you will be able to fly to just about any of the islands with a five hour flight time. If you would like to travel between the islands, you would need to do your research into commuter airlines that can assist you. The flight times will usually take anywhere between 20 minutes and 50 minutes, depending on the airline and where you are going. There are a few islands that can also be reached by a ferry boat, which can also provide you an excellent opportunity to unwind, enjoy the water, take in nature and relax amongst the beautiful sights and sounds of the Hawaiian climate. Make sure that you learn all that you can about the companies that provide this travel so that you are able to get the help and assistance you are looking for when traveling amongst the violence.

#3: Look Into Airlines And Deals To Save Money

Knowing the names of the major commuter airlines will be an excellent step toward saving money on your Hawaiian island travel. For example, a few commuter airlines that you might want to do business include Hawaiian, Island air, Mokulele and Go! When searching for these deals, make sure that you also look into opportunities to save money whenever possible. There are many ways that you will not have to pay full price as long as you do your due diligence ahead of time. These flight companies often provide people with deals, discounts, promotion codes and packages that can be incredibly helpful for this sort of travel.

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#4: Pack Wisely

It is important that you pack wisely if you are planning to hop between islands. Because these planes are much smaller, you do not want to bog yourself down and potentially find yourself not able to fly because you have exceeded the weight limits. If you are staying in a resort, hotel or any other area, be sure to leave most of your belongings they are at only packed the essentials that you would meet for the island that you are traveling to. This gives you the opportunity to pack your luggage more wisely and cut out some of the obstacles that come with the territory when trying to take one of these commuter airline flights. Always look ahead into their luggage and baggage requirements and limits, so that you find out far before it is time to board the flight. This will help you to avoid any kind of excessive baggage fees and fees related to take up too much space on the plane. Each airline has its own requirements, so research them to the best of your ability before making your decision.

#5: Purchase Multiple Excursions As A Package

There are also ways to purchase things all at once in order to consolidate the price. For example, you can book the resort, flight and commuter flights between the islands in order to have a vacation that as well mapped out ahead of time. This gives you all that you require in one simple bill. Ideally, you will want to also set up tours for the island that you are visiting, so that you can maximize on your short time there. This is also typically available to you when you decide to purchase multiple excursions and one vacation package.

Budget, plan and handle your logistics ahead of time to make the most of your Hawaii vacation.

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