Kona Fishing For An Exciting Hawaiian Adventure




Fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by many people and it is so much more exciting when there are so many incredible fish to catch. One of the best places in the world to fish is off the coast of Hawaii’s Big island. The Kona coast has gained a reputation as a sure location to catch deep sea fish such as tuna, mahi mahi, a variety of shark and many other big-game fish that inhabit the bottom of the Kona ocean floor.

A Young Man Fishing In Hawaii at Sunset

The Kona coast is unique in that the ocean floor slopes steeply right off the shore and is more than 6000 feet deep less than three miles out from landfall. This area of the ocean is very calm because of the five huge mountains that protect the harbor from wind. While rain storms occur on an almost daily basis on the mountain tops, rain is relatively rare on the Kona coast.

Some people are fishing for a trophy to hang on their wall, but others just enjoy fishing for the main course of their meal. Of course, hauling in one fish after another is exciting for even the most inexperienced angler. Visitors to Hawaii may want to try their hand at Kona fishing from a charter fishing boat where the deckhand is able to handle the tackle and offer instructions about the finer details of fishing. When a fish takes the lure, even the most apprehensive amateur will feel the thrill of reeling in their catch.

Fishing on the ocean can sometimes be somewhat too exciting because of rough water and the possibility of storms. Fishing enthusiasts vacationing in Hawaii can feel confident about a Kona fishing excursion on a charter boat. While the Kona coast fishing area is more calm than other deep sea fishing sites, any threatening weather is closely monitored by charter fishing boat captains in the area.

Many charter owners keep whatever fish their clients catch to sell, but a few owners offer to clean and fillet any fish their clients would like to keep. Since vacationing fishermen might find it difficult to cook their catch for a meal, a list of restaurants willing to prepare a meal with the fish is available.

catching a striped marlin off the coast of hawaii

The Kona coast of Hawaii is not only a great area to catch fish for dinner, but award winning trophy fish can also be caught there. Exciting charter fishing trips may result in reeling in a great Pacific sportfish such as a Sailfish, a Swordfish, a Black Marlin, Blue Marlin or a Stripe Marlin. A Hawaiian vacation can include so many beautiful landmarks and sites from volcanoes to amazing beaches. Some vacationers are fortunate enough to view dolphins or humpback whales from the deck of an excursion boat.

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination, and there are nearly unlimited activities available there. While deep sea fishing may not be the first idea that comes to mind for visitors, it is certainly a great place to try the sport.


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