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Hawaii Without the Kids – Where to Go

Hawaii is the premiere destination for many vacations, honeymoons, and family trips. Going to Hawaii with kids can be a blast, but going without them can be almost like a second honeymoon.

There is also the consideration that some children are too young to really appreciate and remember their trip to Hawaii. When you are shelling out hundreds of dollars for a vacation, it’s nice to know the trip will at least be remembered.

Kids 4 and under are much less likely to remember the trip, and not all activities are appropriate/safe for younger children, so it might be a good idea to go without them and possibly go again once they are old enough. If you are lucky enough to be going to the islands without kids, here are some child-free tips for the various island options.

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Hawaii is a culture that cherishes children (keikei), so you will be hard-pressed to find any places that are adults-only. There are no child-free resorts, but there are sometimes areas of the resort, like spas and hot tubs, that are only for adults.

If you’d like a relatively quiet trip, go during the “off” season for tourists. Going after Labor Day will help – as most children will be in school and not running around.

Better yet, look for a private condo, cottage, or cabin to rent. This means you and your significant other will have the entire place to yourself, and it will be more intimate and quiet. Bonus: it may be cheaper than most resorts.

Finally, you might be able to find a bed and breakfast that specializes in couples-only retreats if this is something you are looking for.

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Romantic Activities

Going to Hawaii without the kids gives you the perfect opportunity to rekindle some romance in your relationship. Luckily, plenty of romantic activities can be found around the islands.

Dinners – There are always plenty of options for dinner on the islands. You can find a few options almost any night, and it is common for many options to have indoor and outdoor seating for you to choose from and fantastic lighting for fostering an intimate atmosphere.
Cruises – Cruises are perfect for traveling without kids because you don’t have to worry about anyone running around, getting hurt, or going overboard. They often feature open bars, and there are options for both sunset and sunrise cruises, which are always romantic!
Sunrise/Sunset – Cruise, fancy dinner, or just a walk on the beach; the sunrises and sunsets on almost any Hawaiian island are legendary. You can enjoy a very low-fare event by grabbing some light snacks and having a picnic at either sunrise or sunset. Strawberries, anyone?
Scenic Drives/Hikes – Hawaii is made up of some of the most beautiful and unique lands – from active volcanoes to glass beaches and dense rainforests. It’s no wonder that almost every island boasts some beautiful drives or hikes. However, you might miss a lot of the scenery with kids in tow on a drive, and many hikes may not be kid-friendly. Traveling without the kids means you get to enjoy whatever hike or drive you’d like to see more of the island.
Luaus – Luaus are quite possibly one of the most popular activities in Hawaii, and there are certainly a lot of options. Most luaus provide a traditional feel in the dining experience and entertainment – including dance, hula, and fire performances. A lot of them also offer open bars, casual walks around the grounds before eating, and great lighting for dining under the stars.
Dancing – The Big Island, Oahu, and Maui offer many great nightclubs for dancing, but there are also many options for learning traditional dances of the Hawaiian, Polynesian, and other South Pacific regions. Of course, the big option will be hula, but there are many others, as well.

What About the Kids?

The one thing you don’t want to be doing while you are on vacation is worrying. So, make sure to stop this before it starts, and plan for what the kids will be doing during your trip. If it’s during the summer, they may be staying with family or going to summer camp for their own adventures.

If it is during the school year, then you at least know where they will be during the day, and you can plan a few fun activities for them during the evening (with whoever they are staying with), so they don’t feel left out. Don’t forget you can also call them once a day to check in, and that will leave you free to enjoy yourself and your significant other for the rest of the time.

You can also consider what to bring as a souvenir for your trips. Gifts from your Hawaiian vacation don’t have to be expensive or extravagant – just a little something to say you were thinking of them during your vacation that they will love.

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Which Island?

If there is any island that is more suited to a trip without kids, it would be one of the smaller islands like Kauai or Lanai. This is because they offer less family entertainment, so the kids might be in danger of getting bored.

However, they do offer top-of-the-line events and activities for adults – whether they are paid or free. If you’d like to get more in touch with nature or explore the history of the islands, then Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai, is a great place to go without the kids.

No matter what you choose, a vacation to Hawaii without the kids can be wonderful. Be sure to take a lot of pictures to show the kids when you get back, and take notes of activities you’d like to do or things you’d like to see when you come back with the kids!

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