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If you have been looking at a possible vacation in Hawaii, chances are you’ve considered travel packages. After all, who wouldn’t want to make their vacation planning simple and save some money at the same time?

But with so much hype and information, your dream package may have gotten lost in the shuffle, and it can seem really difficult to sort through everything to find it. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect Hawaii travel Package.

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First, take some time to consider what you will need for the vacation and how long you would like to be in Hawaii. There are travel and vacation packages that range from two days, one night and on up to 30 nights. Also consider you will need lodging, transportation, air fare, food, and more for the trip, so try to find packages that cover as much as possible. Here are a few places to look:

Many airlines will have packages that include airfare to and from Hawaii, as well as car rental and sometimes even lodging. Hawaii Airlines, an airline that serves between the islands and some off-island flights, has some deals that include flights and lodging. Other airlines are able to partner with various companies to offer similar options. Be sure to check with the various airlines to see what is available.

It is very common for resorts on Hawaii to offer packaged stays. Let’s say you are going to be on-island for seven days and six nights. You could spend as much as 1,000% more if you paid the per-night price of a resort over purchasing one of their packages. These packages also commonly include free coupons or discounts to the resort lounges, restaurants, golf courses, spas, and more. If you have a few resorts in mind for your trip, take a look at what packages they offer.

Travel Agencies
Perhaps the easiest solution to finding Hawaii travel packages is to contact travel agencies locally or online. Not only can a travel agent help you pinpoint your needs for your vacation, travel agencies often have partnerships with airlines, resorts, car rentals companies, and more to get the best possible deal. They may be able to offer packages and prices that you will not find anywhere else, and take the headache out of vacation planning for you.

Corporate or Discount Clubs
One often-overlooked source of travel packages is corporate or discount clubs. These clubs may not put much effort into informing you that they offer such packages, or you may not have noticed as you were not in vacation planning mode. However, look into any corporate or discount clubs you may belong to and see what they may offer. Costco, for example, is able to offer discounts on flights, car rental, dining, packages, and much more for your vacation – and they are not alone in their offering.
Piecing Together Your Own
In many cases, you are actually looking at two packages for your Hawaii vacation – a travel package and a vacation package. The travel package will include your travel (including vehicle rental), while the vacation package will include the hotel/resort, spas, golf courses, etc. for when you finally get to our destination. You may be lucky enough to find an all-inclusive package, but these tend to be rare (especially in the peak times for the islands.) Thus, you have more flexibility to price shop for the best travel package and connect it with the best vacation package, but it does mean your search might take a little longer.

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Island Hopping
We should also make a note about island hopping. Many people and families who visit Hawaii want to see more than just one island. They may be staying on the Big Island but want to visit Mauai or Kauai for the day, or they may have plans to stay on one island for a few days, then another for another few days and so on. This is referred to as island hopping. If you plan to do this, look at the inter-island airlines to see what types of deals they offer for island hopping. Hawaiian Airlines and Island AIr are two excellent choices which offer island hopping packages.

The keys to getting the best deals on a Hawaii vacation are to shop around and plan ahead. Take your time finding the best deals to fit your vacation plans and budget. It is best to begin planning your trip at least a year in advance so you know exactly what is in store and what the costs will be.

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