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Hawaii weddings and honeymoons are very popular among couple of all types, but many of them can get lost in all of the options, because there are so many. To help save your time and money, and make your honeymoon completely magical, here are a few handy tips.

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Limit Islands
Most honeymoons last a week or less, and this is not even enough time to experience on island fully, let alone multiple islands. For this reason, you will want to limit island hopping unless you have more than a week for your honeymoon.

Note “Peak” and “Down” Times
Temperature and weather conditions are fairly consistent on the islands, so there is not really a good or bad time to visit. However, there are times when tourists flock to the islands. Everything tends to be more expensive and there are many more people everywhere. This may or may not be what you are looking for, so be sure to plan for the season that fits your needs.

Getting around on the island of your choice will be a pain if you do not have a vehicle of your own. Rather than relying on buses, walking, or taxis, splurge a little on a rental car. Note that some islands, like Kauai, are more suited to 4-wheel drive vehicles, while convertibles or “glamour” cars are great for the Big Island and Oahu.

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Get Guidebooks
There are several options for guidebooks for each island. Pick one or two up with plenty of information to get the ins and outs of the island you will be visiting. These will give you lots of information on the island, history, sights to see, and activities not to miss. Don’t be a clueless tourist, as that wastes tons of time!

Go For Secluded
It may be tempting to reserve the finest room in the fanciest resort, but remember that the larger resorts will have more people, and that includes families. Nothing ruins the romantic vibe of a honeymoon more than screaming children and hordes of sweaty strangers. Instead, look at smaller resorts or even private cottages or cabins for a more intimate experience.

Indulge A Little
The full Hawaiian experience will require a little bit of indulgence. Take a cruise, learn to hula, and attend a luau to get a well-rounded honeymoon. Do not break the bank, but there are places that you can indulge to have a great time.

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Take Advantage of Free Activities
Converse to indulging, there are also many free activities that should be experienced during your Hawaii honeymoon. Of course, there is going to the beach (which are all free on Hawaii), but there are also plenty of historic walks, sunsets, and sunrises to take advantage of. If you’ve purchased a couple of great guidebooks, you should have plenty of ideas!

Bring the Essentials
Do not overpack, but there are a few essentials you want to bring. Many things are imported to Hawaii, so anything not grown or made on the island is going to be more expensive. While it is fine to plan to do some shopping on your honeymoon, still plan to pack things like a bathing suit, flip-flops, sunscreen, a hat, and even a light jacket.

Bring an Empty Suitcase
Ok, let’s be honest. While you might not plan to go on a shopping spree in Hawaii, the chances are very high you will be going back home with more than you brought. If nothing else, honeymooners get lots of freebies as a thank for spending their time on the islands. You will need a way to bring it all home, so it’s a good idea to bring an empty suitcase – even if it’s a small one.

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Find Costco
Costco is a life-saver in Hawaii, and there is one on each of the main islands. For one, being a Costco member will save you quite a bit in gas money. You can also stock up on basic food and beverage supplies – like wine! This will also be a good place to pick up extra shorts or guide books if you need them.

Make Friends
Have some fun on your vacation! Remember that most of the Hawaiian people are very friendly, and other tourists are out to have fun, too. So enjoy yourself, laugh, strike up conversation, and just have fun!

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Plan Ahead
The best tip possible for a Hawaii honeymoon is to plan ahead. By ahead, we mean at least six months ahead you should buy guides and do some research. Decide how long you will be in Hawaii, which island(s) you will visit, where you will stay, and more. Leave room for “whatever”, as you don’t want every magical moment to be pre-planned. However, you DO want to have an idea of what you want to do and how much you will be spending.

For many, a honeymoon in Hawaii is a dream. Make sure you get the most out of it and plan, purchase, and reserve well in advance. A honeymoon can easily be ruined by frustrations, long lines, and dropped plans. Credit and future plans can also be easily ruined by not planning ahead, as the vacation and honeymoon haze affects your rational decisions.


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