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It is that time of the year again. Coffee harvesting season is in full flow and visitors can enjoy the sights that come along with this process.

Kona coffee tours are an excellent way to have fun with family and friends while being able to soak in the sights on offer.

Those who enjoy their coffee are going to be in heaven as they roam around and see how the process begins. It is one of those unique experiences that will leave one with goosebumps because of how beautiful and natural it is in the end.

Let’s learn more about these tours.



Certified Organic Farm

With Kona coffee tours, you are not being walked to a farm that is unauthentic or has just been propped up in recent years. You are getting to walk on the lands of some of the best farms in the area.

These are certified organic farms that are the top of their class when it comes to quality, consistency, and history. You are not going to find anything better.

Visitors can see what these historic farms have to offer, and that can be memorable for most.

These are tours anyone can enjoy and that is a must.


Beautiful Coffee Fields

The coffee fields are a sight to see. Just standing there and enjoying the weather and view is something people come in from all parts of the world to see. It is one of those experiences that cannot be explained because of how great it is to view.

The coffee fields look magnificent during harvesting season and can be a joy to behold for those who have never seen them before.

The specialists are working hard during this time of the year, and the fields also look great.

It can be an exciting time for everyone involved which is always special.


Free Samples

Yes, you get free samples on the tour! You will get a small taste of the beans on offer and how they are brewed to create magic in your cup.

The subtle changes in taste and the intricacies of each bean will be explained as you are taking a sip of the magnificent beverage in your hands.

What more do you want while going on tour?

You will be able to taste all of these intricacies and learn about them along the way. This is a part of the tour that most people cherish more than anything else.

See Farm At Work

What is the most important part of the tour for those who are coming in? It has to be the farmland and being able to walk across the lush lands as the coffee beans grow. It can be an experience of a lifetime.

Coffee beans are magical and have something about them that is mesmerizing when you get to the farm.

The tours are in=depth and will showcase everything for those who are coming in for a look. These farms are ideal for those who wish to enjoy what Hawaii is all about.

Processing Facilities

What happens when the farming has been done? Where do the coffee beans go? This part of the process might be shown depending on what time of the year it is. For those who are coming in for regular tours, it is best to look at the processing facilities.

You will get a chance to go inside these facilities and see where the magic happens.

It is these facilities that make sure all of the beans are up to the standard that is expected of them. Anything short of this is not accepted.

The machines in place are made for the process and do a great job.


Learn About Historical Significance

These farms have been around for decades and centuries. The people here have grown up on these lands and inherited the traditions of growing coffee. One could say they have coffee running through their veins because of how deep the passion is.

The historical significance on offer is something a person can enjoy for a long time.

Just learn about how these farms came about and what the families offered as each generation passed. It can be a time to learn a lot about local history along with the nuances of each farm.

Meet Specialists

Who works on these farms? Who are the people behind the great coffee you get to drink on a regular basis? Now, this is a question you will have answered during the tour. Not only will you have these questions answered, but you will also get to meet the specialists as well while they are working.

What more could you ask for?

Meet the ones who are behind this great coffee as they pour through the farmland making sure each coffee bean is as it should be and does not get wasted.

These are trained professionals who know what it takes to produce tasteful cups of coffee.

Enjoy Subtlety Of Farm’s Coffee

Hawaii is rich with coffee growers and lovers. However, each farm is unique with the aroma it produces and how work is completed.

These tours can shed tremendous light on this subject with the intricacies coming to the forefront. Enjoy and soak in those differences and how they make each coffee farm unique.

The experience will never be witnessed again for most, and that is what makes it unique.

Kona coffee tours are a must for those who enjoy a cup of coffee and want to know where it comes from. Why not soak in the environment and all that it has to offer? Hawaii is known for a lot of things, and this has to be right at the top of the list.

The beautiful environment, great people, and gorgeous farmland is something you will fall in love with as soon as the tour begins. Most people adore coming back again and again because of the experience and what it does for them.

Sign up for one of these Kona coffee tours as soon as possible.

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