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7 Interesting Facts About The Big Island – Hawaii Travel Guide




Hawaii, commonly known as the Big Island, overflows with natural beauty. It is popular for soft sand beaches as well as jaw-dropping volcanic cliffs. It is home to historical sights, crystal-clear bays, lush green rainforests, breath-taking waterfalls, beautiful birds and even exotic flowers. To learn more about the things the island offers, read this Hawaii travel guide and start planning your itinerary.Image by Mariamichelle from Pixabay

1. All-seasons Destination

The Big Island is an all-seasons destination because of its long days of sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the year. One can say that the weather is near perfect 365 days of the year. This means people can set their trip to Hawaii pretty much any time they want.

2. Clothing

Hawaiians love casual clothing. It is rare that they will be in a suit and necktie. Even sports jackets are a rare sight. Shorts and T-shirts are the norm in most parts of the island.

It is more like a tradition to wear those brightly colored, loose fitting aloha shirts in the Big Island. In the 1960s, there was an effort to make aloha shirts accepted in the workplace. This resulted to a gradual success making way for “Aloha Friday”, a day of the week when companies would allow their employees to wear aloha shirts in the office. By 1970 aloha shirts were fully accepted as business attire for any day of the week.

3. Guys can hula dance, too

Most people would assume that only girls dance the hula. But this is not the case. From ancient times, men have also learned to dance the hula as a preparation ceremony for battle. It mainly involves percussion, chanting, discipline and strength. It is considered very complex for it tells stories about gods and goddesses, historical events and nature.

There is a Merrie Monarch Festival every April which takes place on the Big Island. It’s a huge hula dance competition which features the world’s best male groups. Tourists flock to the festival to witness such a unique experience.

4. Skiing

Believe it or not it is possible to ski on the Big Island. It has 13 different climate zones. Driving around the island will expose its wet, semi-dry, monsoon, and even its tundra climate.

Most travel tours to Hawaii highlight the Mauna Kea. It is a volcanic mountain which has just enough snow to ski in.

5. Island Time

Most Hawaiians are calm even when they are on a rush. They respect the island time. Most drivers would take their time and would be courteous to runners and bicyclists. When someone is honking or being impatient, most probably, the person behind the wheel is a tourist.

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6. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Enjoy the lava fireworks at night and explore the newly made land steam vents, lava tubes and giant craters. This spot is yet another highlight of any Hawaii tour guide service. This park can be easily visited by car in just a few hours and can be explored by foot, too. Hikers will surely find an abundance of trails to satisfy their curiosity. Visitors who wish to explore beyond the roadways can choose between day hikes and wilderness hikes.

7. Beaches

Hawaii is home for many top beaches in the world. It comes in multi-colored beaches– white sand, red sand, green sand and even black sand beaches.

Hawaii is definitely a fantastic place to visit. Enjoy and experience the world-class services and facilities of resorts and hotels. With the help of this Hawaii travel guide, anyone can start exploring the one-of-a-kind experience the island offers.

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