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5 Tips To Find The Best Hawaii Airfare Deals




Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? Then you’re probably having a difficult time finding affordable ticket prices. Historically, airfare to Hawaii has always been expensive.

This is largely because a lot of people travel to the Big Island year-round, thanks to its consistently great weather throughout the year. This doesn’t mean you should give up your search and resort to those expensive deals offered by most airlines and travel agencies. With enough patience and knowhow as to where to look, you can surely find the best Hawaii airfare deals.

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 Airplane

1. Get email alerts from flight search engines.

If you haven’t used flight search engines before, now is a good time to get started, especially because you’re looking to get a bargain for a flight that’s almost always comes with a high price tag. These flight search engines work by showing you the lowest ticket prices for your particular route. Be sure to sign up so you can receive free email alerts. Expect your inbox to get a bit cluttered, but this is a small price to say compared the amount of money you can save with the help of these flight search engines.

2. Know the off-peak travel season.

As mentioned, Hawaii is a go-to place pretty much anytime of the year. But even so, it still has an off-peak travel season just like other destinations. In general, airfares are at their lowest between October and February. You might want to avoid the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas since a lot of locals return home to Hawaii from the mainland, prompting airlines to increase their ticket prices.

3. Arrive and depart on weekdays.

Weekends are the busiest days in the Big Island. There’s a high volume of passengers, and as you learned from your Economics class, high demand means high prices. Try to fly on weekdays as much as possible. You might also want to consider booking your flight during the wee hours of the morning, as airfares are typically lower at this time. This might be a bit stressful, but it’s an effective way to cut down travel expenses.

4. Take advantage of your frequent flier miles.

Many people fail to use their frequent flier miles wisely. Instead of using them toward inexpensive trips, you can take advantage by availing a trip to Hawaii instead. In fact, a large number of travelers to Hawaii cash in their frequent flier miles.

5. Find flight and hotel deals.

A simple way to get the most out of your Hawaiian vacation budget is to book your flight and hotel together. If you take the time to find Hawaii airfare deals online, you can surely come across affordable packages that bundle flight tickets and accommodations. You should also check your airline’s reward policy and see whether they offer any air and hotel deals.

Aerial view of Hilo International Airport Runway, Hawaii, USA

These are just some useful tips on how to find affordable ticket prices to Hawaii. But all this will be for naught if you do not take action. The most important thing to remember is to snag a great deal as soon as you stumble upon one. Sometimes, holding back and waiting for a cheaper deal might prove to be useless, and you end up regretting not availing of that low-priced airfare and hotel package.

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